Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Supervisor

Ennaku epothume oru kavalai iruku..Naan romba over friendly-onu oru kavalai..enga amma kita solli solli pulambuven..Eppo parthalum jolly-a pesikitu - ellarayum ottikitu irupen..I never wanted to be like this..Valkaila romba serious-a sirikama yaar kudavum pesama oru researcher mathri geeky-a irukanumnu romba aasai..Infact no one believes that I am a Dr!!..Infact I myself dont believe :P lol...I have also tried hard to be very serious..but the very next day I get back to my own way..I was thinking valkai-la romba serious-a iruntha thaan jeyka mudiyumnu..All the researchers I have met - were serious geeks..sirikave matanga..etho oru ulagathula irupanga..they think about research all the time..and that is y they have become so famous..until I came across my supervisor Dr.Gorry Fairhurst..

He is just a ditto replica of me..Very jovial - damn friendly person..Romba nalla manushan..Very helpful...He is a damn intelligent guy..I would consider him to be the most brainiest person I have ever come across.....He single handedly runs a big satellite research group here in Aberdeen..Oru edathula iruka maatar..flies all over the world attending meetings, conferences, workshops..An amazing person...


Blogger Shuba said...

Hey common who said...U have to be a ummanamunji to be successful???commmon...By the way ill tell Dr.Gorry to read your blog...Hell be moved...Ice Ice cup ice kone ice....

10:27 PM, April 19, 2006  
Anonymous vidhyalakshmi said...

oru orutharukkum oru identity venum. arjuna nu sollum bothu -- a jovial person, endha bandhavum illadha aalu nu sollanum. adhukku neenga ippadi irukarathu thaan correct. serious type ellam venaam paa.... adhukaga thaniya irukkum bothu sirichute irukaadheenga.... :-) apparam vera maadhiri aayidum... lol

4:24 AM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger Parvati said...

So long as you are excellent in your work, the rest doesnt matter.
But for yourself the best advice would be : Be Yourself. You are perfect that way. Open, honest, frank, very friendly, helpful - naa inga ungakitta ice ice cup ice kone ice kodukkardha neenga Shuba sonna maadhiri, Dr. Gorrykitta transport pannidunga.

6:35 AM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Shuba - namma Gorry - englishu - avaruku thamil puriyathu :))..Naan itha avar kitaya nera soliten :P

8:39 AM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Parvati - I have already told this to him :)..Romba nalla manushan :)

8:40 AM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

Vidhya - lol...romba thanks pa :)..

8:41 AM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger Jeevan said...

i like the joly Arjuna, you should be series only when your are in research room.

11:04 AM, April 20, 2006  
Blogger Arjuna_Speaks said...

ok jeevan - ok :)

2:00 PM, April 21, 2006  

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