Thursday, May 04, 2006

Captain - the Messiah of the tamils

Check this out. Thamilargale - ungal Vote-u ungal Captain-uke. Vote for "Murasu"..

Enna Kodumai Saravanan :P

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Handsome hunk

My profile pic is creating waves - everyone luvs my pic..i am getting comments saying that there can never be a more gorgeous looking stud..So gals if u want more pics of this gorgeous looking hunk - here is the "link"- Feel free to jollufy! :P lol


Is there any fruit that is tastier than a tasty mango??? (blurp - I just had 3 of them :P lol).. Man - I just luv it..The pakistani and the alphonso mangoes are the sweetest mangoes in the world..just delicious..Sumava Lord Murugan fought with his family and went to palani?? Man he knows the taste of it! But the only problem is that its a yucky process to eat..With all the juices dripping..but who cares..Grapes comes next..I luv them too..

Mango is synonymous with Arjuna : Both of us are Gnana palams :P lol..

Monday, May 01, 2006

Baby Shivani

Today I went to my cousin brother's house for a function..Took a pic of him and his new born baby daughter Shivani from my mobile..Its quite funny to see how we have grown up..When we were kids - I used to make him cry all the time..He was so sensitive and emotional and I was very very naughty..But now things have turned upside down..

I have become very sensitive and emotional - and he has become an equal minded individual..never gets tensed..Never shows his emotions out..He was the physics topper in the whole of UK in his A levels exams..He didnt even say this to his mother (my chitthi) - she came to know about it only from the papers!! If it was me - I would have been shouting from top of the roof!! But the problem with me is - even if I had flunked an exam - I would have shouted from top of the roof!! Sariyana otta vaai :P lol!!

London weekend - Bharathanatiyam

Last saturday, I went to the London muthiyor(elderly) Tamil new year celebrations..Neraya carnatic programmes nadanthuchu..Ennaku intha sangeetha kutchery kekura alavuku porumai kedayathu..I like hindustani - not carnatic..Intha programme-il oru paiyan sangeetha kutchery nadathinaan..Avan padalai keta vuden ean kankalil gubeerena neer kotiyathu - my eyes started watering with happiness..I was in a state unparalleled bliss - reason: His voice was more horrid than mine!!Kekave sahihala! Unfortunately I have never seen a good singer from my country (Srilanka)!!!

Sari sangeetham mudincha pirahu - 2 small girls were going to perform bharathanatiyam..Ennaku dance romba pidikum..I luv to see small girls dancing..periya ponnunga aaduna I rarely see except one - Srinidhi Chidambaram.. I consider her to be the most beautiful dancer I have ever come across..She has such a pretty flawless face..Chithra Visweswaran comes next..Bharathanatiyam enbathu dancing(naatiyam) with Bhavam, Raagam and Taalam. I watch Bharathanatiyam just to see the Bhavams (the eyes and the lips)..In a bhavam, the eyes and lips should be in synch..A dancer should know when to open her mouth, how much to open, where her eyes should look, ippadi neraya iruku..Unfortunately many of the girls I have watched lack Bhavam. I was wondering what on earth are these 2 srilankan girls going to do..But I was wrong..My God - these girls were just awesome - the best I have ever seen..The way they moved their eyes - the way they opened their lips - everything was just out of the world..I was just transfixed..Their eyes were dancing..After the dance programme - I was waiting outside their room to talk to them!!! When they came out - I told them that their dancing was too good and took a snap of them :)..These 2 girls are in their 6th standard..They also host a children's programme here in Deepam TV.


Veetula - jolly-a time poguthu..Eating proper food..We buy food from a Srilankan lady who stays in Alperton..We rarely cook..because no one knows to cook properly :)..Enga amma vantha-thaan proper saapadu..Naan veetuku vantha, eppo parthalum B4U music olichitu irukum..I like to watch the Hindi songs..Ippo B4U music-a potale Himesh Reshammiya thalaila oru karupu thoppiyum, moonji-la thaadiyum, oru karupu jacketum potu kondu etho luv failure pola mookala paatu paadi kondu irukiraar..But he is quite good..Hindi-la ippo he is the best..My sister gets irritated whenever I put the B4U channel..She prefers watching Sun TV!!Sun TV-la sunday morning mattum programmes nalla iruku..After metti olli - there is no proper mega serial..Kolangal was good - ippo romba iluthu I dont watch!