Friday, June 23, 2006

Rome Trip - In Detail..

U guys wanted me to write my trip in detail, so writing..Quite a big post!

I took the KLM morning flight on sunday june 11th to Amsterdam. The flight was more like our pallavan bus! One big thagara dappa! I was telling my supervisor, that the flight may break because of our weights! It must be the old 80's plane! I am wondering how on earth they still have it! Afternoon we were in Amsterdam. Amsterdam's airport was damn good! Loads of stores for shopping, painted in orange..We stopped in a food court, and my supervisor went to get a pizza! As I knew that I was going to end up eating pizza in Rome, I opted out for some thai food! Man what a decision I made! The restaurant is called Hot Wox! And Wow - the food is just out of the world. I got some fish in green curry sauce with basil which was served with rice, prawn crackers and some salad. Costed me 10 euros and was worth it. I am always a great fan of thai food (interestingly the chinese food we get in chennai is thai food - not chinese!)..I told my supervisor, that we are stopping here while returning just to have the same food again! It was too good..We then took the connection to Rome (Air Italia).

I was expecting a lot from Rome, and as I landed, my immediate impression on Rome was bad! The airport was total crap! The railway station was crap! The trains are so huge there! Its more like a cargo!Massive!As you take the train from the Leonardo Da Vinci airport, to the termini (which is the city station), you will think that you are in Tamil Nadu rather than some european country..Vast fields, just ditto like Tamil Nadu..From the termini, we took the metro(underground trains) to go to our hotel..Man the metro stations are just yucky!!So dark, dirty and u must see the trains!!!Gosh, covered with graffiti!!!!!! Initially, I thought it was some pranksters' work - then I realized it was painted in such a way inorder to praise their discovered modern art!!! Holy Crap!

We managed to get to the metro station near our hotel, and after a search we found our hotel. We were given the keys to the room, and I was expecting an amazing room waiting for us! Instead, we were given a room, which is the size of my toilet in Aberdeen!What crap! The toilet was so small, no place to walk around! The cubicle was more of a standing coffin!I couldnt even move inside the cubicle - and the worst thing - no place to keep your soap! I had to find out ways of bathing!Gosh!

In the night, we went for a walk, and the only good thing about Rome is its architectural splendour..Me being a connoisseur of architecture, I just loved them..Out of the world..Rome is full of these old buildings (some of which are in rambles)..The roads are so small..Majority of the restaurants are open air restaurants in the corner of the roads..reminded me of the parotta kadais in tamil nadu :))..We had pizza for dinner - and to be frank - the italian pizza is OK!! I still prefer our american versions (the fat ones with chicken on them!)..The Italians dont put chicken..their pizzas are so thin (like naan)..Man - these italians eat cheese for everything! I am wondering how these ppl are living so long eating cheese! I would get a heart attack! But my supervisor thinks cheese is much better than our oily curries!!

The meeting went well..I had problems with the italian diet after that fish fiasco!! didnt eat the next 2 days! Starved! I missed our south indian food..felt like eating a nice sambhar sadham with kilangu curry!! Yummy! Instead just had some great italian icecreams..more sightseeing..Another interesting thing is - these italian drink espressos for coffees! My GOD - I accidently had an espresso when I was in portugal 3 years back - and I couldnt stand for the whole head was was so strong - I heard an espresso contains 20 times the caffeine of standard coffee!!

On our return back home, we stopped once again in Amsterdam..even though I didnt feel like eating, I made it a point to taste my fish curry at Hot Wox! :)..After coming to Aberdeen, the next day I took another flight back to London..went home and had a nice chicken briyani! It made my day finally :)..

Haa forgot the most important bit! The ppl in Italy are really so good looking..May be its because of their skin texture and eyes..They have a light pinkish texture to their skin and their eyes are blue/green..They also have awesome noses!The guys are mostly short! I didnt take any pictures of the girls! I have become a good boy nowdays! Hara Hara Mahadeva! LOL

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Vandhanam Vanakam Swagathamulu..

Very sorry for not updating my blog, and also for not visiting your blogs :(..Was very busy with my work. Came from Rome on wednesday midnight, then had to go to London on Thursday afternoon, then came back from London yesterday night..

The Rome trip was good..Rome's architectural splendour (thanks to guys like Bernini..) is to been seen! Awesome buildings! This building built by mussolini is one such example!! I was just spellbounded!But the only ones who can compete with these Romans are none other than our Tamilians :)..The temples built by us would give these guys are run for their money :)..

The roads are small (reminded me of the roads where the marvadis live in paris, chennai)..I saw almost all of Rome, except the Vatican..The food was OK!!An example of what I ate is below :P LOL!!!!!!

You can see the full pics of my trip from:

P.S: Both men and women in Rome are damn good looking! The men were definitely better looking than the women! Those guys had awesome noses! Noses to die for! When it comes to women, I would still rate the Indian, Venezuelan, Persian/Arabic women as the most beautiful in the world!