Friday, June 02, 2006

So Happy!

Recently I met some of my old school friends after 14 yrs and I started an egroup for our our classmates..One of my long lost friend sent this picture to us! Wow! I am so happy - I never maintained any pics in my life - and I was regretting for not doing so :(...I think this pic was taken during our 5th std..Awesome :)..

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Good news :)

Dear Friends,
Sometimes u wonder y things dont happen when u want it to happen - but if u c nadaka vendiyathu correct-aana time-ku thaan nadakum! Romba naala nadaka vendiyathu, ippothu nadanthuduchu :)..I have been waiting for this day for quite some time..I wanted to do it before but couldnt...and now I have done it :)..and I want to share this happy news with u all..Yes guys, I have managed to cut my hair finally! Wow - after 6 months - thats a great news to rejoice isnt it - lol

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Marriage and costs...

Yesterday I went to my cousin sister's registration..registration means something that is between nichayathatham and marriage where they officially become husband and wife..The function happened in a beautiful serene place in Surrey..Very far from my house..The place was like a castle and only selected guests were invited..It was a pompous function..All guests were assigned tables!! U cant go and sit on some other table! Ok the point of the post is - I wanted to point out some issues in Srilankan marriages..It may be true to Indian marriages as well..Namma oorla - the marriage costs including registeration is always by the bride's family!! And only the reception is done by the bridegroom! And he wuld invite only some families whereas for marriage his entire battalion wuld be coming! Enna porutha varai - I feel this is not right and moreover having ceremonies for registration , marriage and reception is totally useless! Enna porutha varai its imperative for the bride and bridegroom to understand each other - rather than having people looking at u in awe! That too our SL Tamil ppl just come to these functions to gossip around! Ponnuko or payanuko ethavuthu kurai iruntha they start talking abt it..They talk abt the bride's saree! They dont do anything useful! Haa - and another thing they do - is look out for mappilais and ponnus for their children! There were 2 women questioning me yesterday as if they were interviewing me and it seems they have daughters!! In SL - even if u go to a death ceremony there are ppl who do this!!!!!

I have always been arguing with my family that if I get married - I will invite not more than 20 ppl from my family and friends :) - and probably hope the girl does the same thing - and have the cheapest low key wedding ever (not more than 1000 pounds probably ;) )! No registration or reception functions! My sister tells me what if the girl doesnt agree to this! :)..Hmm, interesting question - no answer!Anyway, I have told my mother and family this! No pompous celebrations, no wasting money, no people looking at u in awe - nothing! Simple is the key!

My sister asked me where wuld u take my wife after marriage - and I replied "Tiruvanamalai for girivalam"!!! En thangachi thalaila kaiya vachutu odi poiduchu!

Monday, May 29, 2006

Me, 4 and 7!

I dont know whether this holds true for me or for others numerological no (birthday and the total (may 4 1978)) is 4 and 7. My father is 4 and 1. My mother is 7 and 8. My sister is 7 and 4! My cousin brother is 4 and 8! My udan pirava sagothari forward ulaga rani Vidhya is also 7! If u c, in our family, everyone's birthday comes under 4 or 7! And I am attached to our great Captain who also comes under 7! Ippadi ellam paakum pothu - who knows, the girl I may end up marrying could also come under No 7 :D - Yad Bhavam Tat Bhavathi (whatever your think, so would you achieve) ;)

Sunday, May 28, 2006

What a Picture :)

This pic would have made history if another great man was in it ;) - and u know who it is ;) - nenaichala pularikuthu!

ok just in a humorous sense - not hurting my great thalaivar - After seeing the fighting that went inside the assembly hall - I was wondering what would namma karupu singam would have done if he had also fought - probably kicked everyone by jumping on the walls??