Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kadi day!

Innaiku naal sari illai! Had a very bad day! I was supposed to catch the evening flight to London - all these days I have been taking a cab to the airport. Raja mathri poi erangi flight era vendiyathu thaan! But this time I thought I must cut down my spiralling spending habits - and so decided to take the bus. So I saw the travel planner and found out the bus stop and the bus no and walked to the bus stop. It was raining cats and dogs - damn the rain!! - but still managed to walk to the bus stop. But in that stop I couldnt see the no of the bus I am supposed to catch - so I asked someone standing there and he told me that I shuld take the no 18 bus. Sari no 18 bus vanthuchu - I told him that I want to go the dyce airport and he said its £1.60. I didnt have the change - since I had only notes. He said then I have to get down! Enna bus vachu irukangalo! It seems the driver doesnt have access to the cash box inside the bus - so he cant give any change! Damn the buses!! What crap! Somehow I managed to get some change from an scottish paati and then went and sat down. Paatha - the bus was going all over the place! I had to catch the flight at 2:30 and the time was already 1:10 pm! Then only I found that the bus was not going to the airport!!! Kadupaiduchu! I went to the driver and asked if the bus is going to the airport - and now he says no! I told him I bought the ticket saying its for the dyce airport - and it seems he understood it as dyce supermarket!! Damn the driver!! Naan pesura english antha alooku puriyala - antha aloo pesura scottish english ennaku puriyala! These scots talk as if they have a kolukatai in their mouths! Onum puriyathu! Then I got down and went to Asda and tried calling the cabs! Paartha my stupid mobile didnt get any signal! Damn Orange!!!!!The time was 1:20 or something..I started panicking..Then I went and tried calling thru a public telephone - and I put a 20 p coin and dialled the cab. Paartha - when the guy picked up the phone - my phone stopped working !!! Damn the public phones! Then somehow I managed to talk to the Asda shop guys and with their phone - I managed to get another cab at 1:30 pm! I thought I was going to miss the flight! Luckily I reached the airport by 1:50 pm and I managed to get the flight! From now on - no more saving money business! I will never ever get into a bus in Scotland! Loose-u pasanga! London vanthu eranginapuram thaan I was happy - what a place :) - London is so gorgeous! Sunny, bright - amazing place..Happily came and had a nice chicken briyani and some amazing toblerone ice cream! Watched Sun TV happily :)..Sorgame endralum athu namma London pola varuma! Damn Aberdeen!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

I Love U!

Another emotional post from me! I dont know what to say! I want to express my feelings! And finally I have decided to do so! For the past few weeks, I have been thinking of this person! Saapdium pothu, kulikum pothu, road-la nadakum pothu, college-la irukum pothu, I am thinking about this person! I have become so emotionally attached to this person! I have told my family that I am going to unite with this person and no one can stop me from doing so! Yes friends, I love this person a lot! You are my only hope! I love u - I love u and I love u! My life is for u and u only! and finally I have decided to come out and show the person to u all! As I am not able to upload the pic on blogger, I have uploaded it on yahoo..This is the link!

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Am emotional post from me!

"What one takes up as a passion is a time pass for another!" - these words kind of affected me a lot. This is not about some hobbies - this is about LOVE! Someone wrote these words to me. I just felt a sting in my heart - romba kavalaya poiduchu. I have been discussing this with some one and when she was sharing her sorrows with me - I am feeling that pain! I need to vent my anger out! and thats y I am writing this post - and I am just writing on behalf of some people who are girls who have been cheated by the so called Love! Guys - If u want to go and fiddle around with the girls - y the heck do u go and cheat the homely poor girls who have trusted you! For pete's sake - there are loads of girls who are ready to fiddle around with guys, there are 100s of girls who are ready to remove their tops off in front of some idiot's mobile phone - go fiddle around with them! I dont understand - y do u go and say "I luv u" to someone, give her hopes and then leave her and run away! U dont know the bloody consequences. One person even went to the extent of commiting suicide! And gals - y the heck do u believe some tom, dick or harry when he comes and gives u a bloody 5/- rose! U shuld have kicked his ***** - and he wuld never ever propose to anyone!

If someone comes and proposes to u and if u really like him - then tell him - if u love me - come and ask my parents for a hand! Dont ever trust him, and go around with him!Tell ur parents about it!Mudincha tell his parents about it!Then that idiot will never cheat!

Ippadi solrathaala - naan enna periya yogiyan-aanu kekalam! All these years - I have fallen in luv with some girls! Unmai thaan! I wanted to marry them - But I can say that I have never ever gone and proposed to any of them! The reason - I knew I will not be able to marry them! Naan luv pannuna - muthala enga amma kitta thaan poi soli iruken! If u cant marry someone - then pl dont go and propose!Sry guys - I am just emotional! Sry!

Sunday, May 21, 2006


This weekend so many things happened. I managed to meet one my classmates after 12 years! Her name is Nancy - and I spoke to her over the phone. She is in Chennai working for the singapore tourism board. Spoke to her for quite a long time about our happy old school days and then we started discussing about luv and my never ending luv stories! :) . She was shocked to hear all my luv stories and culdnt believe that I am the old Arjuna! :)) Through her I managed to get some of my friends and one of them is Vanitha - she was the only girl I used to talk to during my school days and she was the only one who understood and supported me (its very rare gals understand me - lol). All the other girls used to think I am quite odd - since I never spoke to them..And she used to support me :). I will try to get hold of her within the next week. Then my RECT college mate Yamini msged me through Orkut. She is doing her PhD here at Swansea and she gave me a call and it was fun talking to her too. Saturday evening I went to see Da Vinci Code. Quite a good film - and if you havent read the novel - then its quite hard to understand the facts since they dont show all the facts that were incorporated in the book. And also the film is more of a diplomatic approach unlike the novel. The actors in the film were apt and u wont believe Silas moved me! I felt so sorry for him - his devotion to God really moved me. I was bit emotional. The heroine has the best smile I have ever come across!So contagious! Absolutely beautiful!Just go and see her smile!In the movie - there is a dialogue praising her smile - and I completely concur with it :). Tom Hanks has underplayed his role as Robert Langdon and he was impressive..All the characters were good. There were some continuity problems when Tom hanks cuts his face with a razor accidently (in the final climax) and in the next scene u cant see any cut! I really felt sorry for Mary Magdalene and I have a feeling that the story could be true!

The interesting part is the jewish symbol which is also the symbol of Lord Muruga ( I wrote a post on it before - its here). In this novel - they say it represents the male and female unity - and I am wondering whether this symbolizes the Ardhanareeshwar as well. Need to look into it - maybe a discussion with Sriram wuld be apt!