Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pic of the day..

A Beautiful Song...

"Chand Sifarish: Fanah"- by Shaan and Khailash Kher(Music by Jatin Lalit)..

Such a beautiful song..I just luv it..Especially when Khailash Kher sings "Suban Allah.."..It does something to me which I am not able to express..Also the song sounds very ARRish..

Shaan sounds so much like Kumar Sanu!..There is another singer who also sounds like Kumar Sanu - Babul Supriyo..

Friday, April 14, 2006

Tamil Puthandu Valthukal

-To all my dear friends :)

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Actor - Bangalore - Bheema and Thalai..

I am wondering y on earth I didnt become an actor!! What is the use of studying for 10 years getting degrees - what is the use of working ur head out for another 40 years - end of the day the fame I would achieve would be nothing compared to what the actors achieve!! Naama kasthapatu enna piriyojanam!

Bangalore was a mess for the past 2 days..My friends were supposed to go to their homes today..So I contacted them to know their status..When I contacted Sriram, he said that he has to walk 6km to catch the 4:15 pm Shatabdi express to Chennai..There were no buses, autos, taxis..nothing!! Paavam avan! Romba kadupaitan..Viji was quite lucky since she had to catch the late night train and she was able to get an auto..When I told her that I read that 100 buses were burnt as reported by Tamil murasu..she told me that the press was simply building up things..only some buses were burnt..I told her there is one more person in waiting in Tamil Nadu :)..Avar mandaiyai potar - tamil nadai al-ola padum!

Luv this pic - Bheema was launched today..


Innaiku thalai padam release aiduchu - all the fans in the ajithfans egroup are going gaga over the film..I have to watch it online - no other way :)..

Wednesday, April 12, 2006


The University of Aberdeen has been ranked amongst the world’s top research institutions in an international survey of the best places to work.

The Scientist magazine has published the ‘Best Places to Work 2006’ survey for post-doctoral fellows, placing the University 20th in the top 35 institutions outside North America.

The moment I step into this Uni - it gets ranked ;)..Sari Sari enna pugalathinga :P..


Nethu night was the longest read ever in my life...more than 6hrs non-stop reading..slept at 3:00 am in the morning!! The book I read was Dan Brown's Angels and Demons..Killer of a book..Last 3 weeks, I have read his Da Vinci Code, Deception Point and Angels and Demons..Today I will start the Digitial Fortress..


From what I have deciphered from his books about the Catholic church and how they got rid of the knights templar, Illuminati and other secret brotherhoods, I am wondering whether any large religious organziations have any hand in trying to demean the Hindu cult figures in India! As a conspiracy theory enthusiast - I am wondering whether a religious organization had any hand in the Shankaracharya case! With the British press and the BBC trying a vain propaganda to propogate useless junk about Hindu cult figures in India, I may not be wrong!


Rajkumar is dead! I am wondering how the situation in Banglore would be..Avara kadathitu ponna pothey koya moyo-nu kathunanga..Ippo avar eranthutar - situation wuld be worse! Sagum pothu - oru nalla kaariyam seinchitu poitar - he has donated his eyes..Appadiyae - thamilar-kaluku konjam kavery thanniyayum thiraka sollitu poi irukalam!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Politics - Educated vs the Uneducated..

First of all - I wish my dear blogger Parvati - a speedy recovery.

Innaiku, en friend oruthan mailed to our egroup..asking us to support the Lok Paritran in the coming elections.Reason: they are an educated youth group!Lok Paritran is a new political outfit started by a group of IIT students..Joining politics is a very good decision to make..and I really wanted to and still want to become a politician..Aana the question is: do we vote for these guys since they are an educated bunch?

According to me: the answer is a big NO!..I am a strong believer in the philosophy that education has nothing to do with politics and for doing something good for the people..I also believe that education without morality is of no use to the society! Just throw them into the dustbins..Arent the so called educated youth taking dowry to marry a girl?Arent the so called educated youth having gala of time in bars and disco clubs?Arent the so called educated youth spreading MMS clips? :P

Kamarajar wasnt educated..but wasnt he a very good leader? Was MGR educated? Wasnt he a good leader?

Enna porutha varai, if someone has the urge to do good to the society then he shuld get into politics even if they are not educated..Since these IIT guys are a bunch of high class educated, civilized group doesnt necessarily mean they can be good leaders...They should potray themselves as do gooders to the society - rather than an educated bunch asking for votes!

Politics requires charisma..Ithuku MGR is the best example..U must have a revolutionary image..U must mix with the poor ppl..take part in their happiness and sorrow..I wonder whether these guys have these characteristics with them!So till then, en support namma elaikalin kavalan Karupu MGR Captain-ku thaan! Way to go Captain! :)

Monday, April 10, 2006

Sriram and Sivananda Lahiri..

Naan Sriram-oda pesi erandu vaaram aiduchu..I was trying to get hold of him for the past 2 days, but couldnt..paiyan romba busy considering the fact that millions of dollars and the future of IEEE 802.16 (WiMax) are riding on his head!!..he was shuffling between South Korea, Chennai and Bangalore..So innaiku avan bangalore-la thaan irupanu theriyum..So called him up..It was so much fun talking to him..When I called him up, it was almost 10:00 pm..Oru one hour pesi irupom..Our discussion ranged from family, love, kalyanam, iyer, vadamal, ashtashasthram, PhD, physics, biology, Artificial intelligence, jobs at google, REC Trichy, food, renting properties in bangalore (Ref:Viji :P), and then finally into our favourite topic spirituality..

Avan solitu irunthan - that nowdays he doesnt think of God that much and he wants to start praying properly again..I was telling him that the same thing is happening with me, and atleast he is not able to pray since he is very busy..Iravu pagalnu velai he doesnt have time to pray..moreover, he has mastered the Rudram, Chamakam, Vishnu Sahasranamam and the Taittrya Upanishads and currently doing Kriya Yoga..naama appadiya - I am virtually free - and still I dont pray with full concentration..I have become so lazy..Even though I have mastered the Sudharshana Kriya through the Art of Living course - I stopped it now..Reason - laziness!

So Sriram told me something beautiful - which I wanted to share with u all..He told me that there are three types of devotion..

1) One type of devotion is like the cat and the kitten, where the young kitten (soul) is totally dependent on its mother cat's (GOD) will. It is picked up by the mother in her mouth and carried here and there..So the soul doesnt do anything..No effort on its part..GOD knows what to do and he just directs u..This is known as the marjara school of thought..

2) The second type of devotion is like the monkey and its baby..Also called the markata school of thought..Here the monkey clings to the mother tightly..It does not let the mother go..Similarly through steadfast devotion, we hold onto GOD..We dont leave him away..So we put the effort here..

Then finally Sriram said it is for us, that Adi Shankara in his Sivananda lahiri says about the third type of devotion..where we are like the monkey tied to a rope. The rope is held by the owner who is GOD. We tell him that "GOD, even though I luv u - I am not able to control my senses..I am not able to do anything by myself..So it is upto u to handle me"..and then GOD would take care of us..

So Sriram was telling that we should follow the third method, and GOD will take care of us..

Manaivi amaivathelam iraivan kodutha varamnu solluvanga..en vishayathula, GOD has been very kind to bestow me with a great friend who is also my spiritual guide..So nanbarkal amaivathum iraivan kodukum varam thaan :)..

Song of the day..

1) "Odivaa Kadalai: Alagai Irukirai Bayama Irukirathu"- by Karthik and Yuvan Shankar Raja (Music by Yuvan Shankar Raja)..

This is one helluva deadly song..I am not sure whether you would like it - But I luved it..Currently one of the songs in my playlist..Love the lyrics.."Tholaithooram ketkum isayinile, en thookam konjam kalaikirathe - athai meetum unthan viral thodavae, naan vilithiripen anbe; minsaram tholaiyum iravinale than kadalae sollum theru vilaku; nee imaikal mudum idaiveli thaan en kadhal solvatharku"..Absolutely beautiful!

This song was sung by my favourite singer Karthik and the music director(the high pitch)..the MD has sung quite beautifully - even though his voice resonates as if he is an urgent need of Enema!! (Local bashayila sollanumna - kaalang kaathala free-ya porathuku use panurathu :P)