Thursday, June 08, 2006

Walls have Kaathus!

U must have heard that walls have ears! How true! Today as I was walking along the university corridor, one indian guy and asked me if I was Arjuna. I said yes. And he said that he works in the adjacent room and he used to hear someone singing(??) and speaking in Tamil. He wanted to know all these days who it was and he was informed that there is a new guy in town called Arjuna. He desperately (??) wanted to meet me and he was glad that he met me today!! I could c from his eyes how desperately he was searching for the culprit who was virtually murdering him by braying like a donkey!! He already holds a PhD and now he is doing his second PhD! It was so embarassing for me to hear that he was so impressed (?????) by my singing capabilities!!! I never knew that all the barkings and brayings I have been doing all these days sitting in my lonely office would be overheard!!! Gosh - wondering what else I spoke over the phone!!! OMG - nethu the whole day I was shouting "Loose-u pennae, Loose-u pennae, Loose-u pennae, Loose-u paiyan un mela thaan Loose-a suthuraan"- from Vallavan!!!!!