Thursday, June 29, 2006

Calling a blogger friend..

Valkai has been really busy..too many things to do..I am not able to keep up with my blogging or read my friends' blogs...Its been ages since I called up my blogger friends and spoke to them..Last week my dear blogger friend Parvati was kind enough to call me..Day before yesterday, Shuba mailed me sadly saying that I am not even bothering to comment in her blogs..So, I called her up and said romba sorry and explained things to her..Yesterday, I felt a sudden urge to call up someone new - and I immediately zeroed upon our Ambi :)..

I knew his number through one of his posts on kesari!! :) - so called him up..He couldnt recognise me for sometime..Then he found out that it was me :)..Ambi - contrary to his image - seems to be a soft guy (like me LOL)..Romba nalla paiyan..I spoke to him about his blogs, also gave him loads of advice on certain things which is personal ;)..I told him some of my personal stuff and he told me his..Great guy..Some of our discussion topics were on fellow bloggers, brahmins, iyers, one sadist blogger, marriage, writing comments in blogs, etc etc...

He thought I was a brahmin - since I was conversing with him in brahmna bashai :)..Then I told him I am not :) - We also agreed that the caste system is just void - and we are all humans :)..

Ambi seems to take blogging very seriously and he is really passionate about it..He told me - he comes at 7:00 am in the morning - so that he is able to get some free time to blog..But he also told that he is planning to stop blogging soon - and I told him not to do so..I really feel that his blog is the most humorous out of all the blogs I have read..He is able to maintain his consistency as well as maintaining the frequency of his posts..He is doing a great job - and he should continue doing it :)..

Ambi - it was so nice talking to u - and u can expect me to call u very frequently :) - I have got another good blogger friend :)..Ambi - oru thanga kambi :)..

Monday, June 26, 2006

Urgent - Student Postion (Updated)


There is a slight change - we are planning to offer a studentship rather than a RA. That means we would fund the entire Masters degree + we will give tax free living allowances till the end of the degree. The student is expected to work alongside me on simulations using ns-2 (network simulator). So if anyone is interested in pursuing higher studies in the UK - please do contact me :)..

Mandatory Requirements:

1)A Bachelors degree in Engineering(Computers,Electronics)
2)Good knowledge of the ns-2 simulator
3)Good knowledge of TCP/IP.
4)Proficient in C++
5)Knowledge of TCL, Awk, Perl etc

There is a high probability, that the student may be funded for a 3 year PhD degree. If anyone is interested or if you know anyone who would be well suited, please do send me your CVs to . I shall forward it to my supervisor.