Thursday, July 20, 2006

Untagging the Six Tag..

Imsai Arasan 23 -aam Pulikesi Ambi had tagged me a month ago! I just found some time to write this tag..

The tag is about 6 questions that I am trying to find an answer to..So here it goes..

1) I always wondered y these beautiful (??) actresses go and marry those "not-so-good" looking film directors or producers?? E.g Ramya Krishnan went and married Krishna Vamsi, Devayani (who is not beautiful anyway ;) ) went and married Rajakumaran, Sridevi went and married that Boney kapoor as a second wife (!!), Seeta went and married Parthibun, and now Sonia agarwal is going to get married to Selvaraghavan (ithu romba over), and worse Nayanthara is going to go and marry Karadi kutti Simbu!!!!!!!!! Ean intha kodumai! Is it because kadhaluku kannu mooku illaina?? I used to tell my sister before that I am going to marry Asin! My sister used to say "Asin muthal-a unna kalyanam katikuma?-nu"..So I used to reply that I will go direct 3-5 movies with her and then automatically a kisu kisu will start and then she would have no other option other than marrying me :D...Actresses oda nilamai ippadi thaan pola iruku!

2)Ean ella koyilalyum innamum athai puliyodharai, thayeer sathamnu koduthutu irukanga (chakra ponga is fine ;) ) ?? For a change cant they give idli, vadai, poori, or even pizza, burger, noodles?? Kadavuluku ithu ellam pudikatha?

3)Dont these vellai kaara ponnunga feel cold?? Intha padu kuleerla kooda they wear clothes that they used to wear when they were 3-5 years old!! Naane oru erumai maadu! I wear 3-4 clothes to prevent myself from freezing to death - but these girls wear micro mini skirts and micro mini shirts and walk around happily! Yappa how can they be like that?? Ivangaluku kuleer edukatha? Or are they too hot ? ;) (Sorry palaya influence :D)

4) Ithu kali kaalam! Yaaru ambalai, yaaru pombalainu kooda theriya matenguthu! Ambala perusa mudi vachu irukiran! Pombalai mushroom hair cut pannitu road-la thriyuthu! In my old university - there was this guy with long hair..Avan mudi avan idupu varaikum irukum! Pinnala irunthu paartha etho super gujarati jigadi thaan-nu nenaichuduvom!! I myself got tricked so many times!! Pin-alagai paarthu jollu vithathu thaan mitcham! Why cant men be like men and women be like women??

5)Bangalore-la alagana ambalaya illaya???have u seen those kannada actors?? Yappa! Eppadi thaan ivangu moonji-gala 2 mani neram ukanthu pakirangalo!!! Y cant they have good looking handsome actors like our Captain Vijayakanth???

6)Sila peruku newspaper vasicha thaan toilet freeya pogum!!Sila peruku ananda vikatan, kumudam padicha thaan toilet freeya pogum!! I know someone who reads tamil murasu while going to the toilet! I asked him y that particular paper?? And he replied "ennaku tamil murasu padicha toilet nachunu pogum!!"..Puthagathukum toilet-kum enna sambandham?? Ammavasaikum abdul kadarukum enna sambandham pola iruku!!!

Ok - I thought of some names for tagging..But I realized that everyone would have got tired of writing I have decided to leave them alone :)..I have 2 more tags (Jeevans and Karthiks)..Will write them soon :)..

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Aadi Masam - Ithu Enna Kodumai..

Yappa, yaaravuthu - intha aadi masatha patti ennaku konjam sollungapa!!! I just cant understand about this aadi fiasco! Aadi maasam aachuna kalyanam panika kudatham, engagement panika kudatham, ponna kuda parka kudatham!! Athu matuma, namma cinema-karanga kuda puthu padangala aadi masathula release panna matangalam!!! Ippadiye ponna, innum konja naalula - aadi masathula toilet kuda poga kudathu-nu sonnalum solvanga!!

Ok as far as I understand, in the case of marriage - if they get married in July- there is high probability, that the wife may have to deliver a baby in May - which is supposed to be a very HOT month..The conditions are not ideal!! But that is in Asia..Inga Europe-la it doesnt hold true..So namma munorkal would have said dont marry in Aadi! So I guess based on that, the next generation tamils would have started saying Aadi is bad and never do anything good in this month! This is my take! Does anybody else know the reason behind it? Please let me know..

"Super" Market..

Today I went to the supermarket ASDA in Aberdeen..I had been there many times..but something caught my attention today..when I was about to checkout, I saw that this supermarket has introduced self-checkout machines!!I was surprised to see such a thing..You just need to take your basket, scan all your products, and just pay the bill by yourself..Wow - it was quite fascinating..I was almost like a kid seeing something new :)..The girl who was helping me initially, could see from my face that this method of self service has hit the jackpot..Its good for the company as well..It would reduce the cost of having employees!!I am not quite sure how they are going to handle the "trust" issue..We may buy some vegetables and dont even put an account to that..So not sure how they plan to handle that..But if you have a chance - check these self-checkout machines! They are too good :)..