Sunday, June 11, 2006

Destination Roma!

Roma ( I didnt mean Romam or Mudi :)) ) is the Italian name for Rome..I am leaving to Rome in a few hours time from now..Got to get the transit from Amsterdam..Going to Rome for a series of meetings..I had wanted to visit Rome after reading Dan Brown's Angels and Demons...But I dont remember those churches and places (in the book) now..So I am not sure whether I would see them..Lets see..My supervisor and I are staying near the Colloseum - so we shall definitely visit it :)..Moreover Italy is famous for its Pizzas...I could gobble some - but I am getting scared of all those scary mozzarella cheese on top of it! I was also told that Italy had the most beautiful women in the world (which I may not agree) - let me see if that holds true :)..Ok guys c u soon..bye..